Nothing is more comforting
than coming home to elegance

Because there is no place like home and family, what you place in it should express your adoration for them. The environment should personify your character and the appliance fixtures you place would reflect what your family means to you. Which is why when we designed our glass ceramic panels, we had you had your family especially in mind. it's a choice. It's a lifestyle. And just like them, our panels echo a better way of living. Micro-crystalline panels are versatile to a variety of daily-life situations and you deserve the freedom to bring your intuitions into reality.

Where fine craftsmanship meets technological ingenuity

To Hsang's Micro-Crystalline Glass Ceramic Panels has undergone over two decades of extensive R&D testing to develop a smooth nonporous surface that brings any setting up to the next level. With strong technical precision and advancement in industrial science, our glass ceramic panels are not only an additional component to your device, but it accommodates and synergizes, bringing quality above and beyond the current standards.

Heavenly, harmonious, and serene

And likewise, you deserve no less. Its sleek design emanates a cool and hygienic ambience, offering no spaces to hide its distinctive qualities such as having low thermal expansion, insulation and mechanical strength properties. On top of that, our Micro-Crystalline Glass Ceramic Panels are free of impurities, along with being acidic and alkaline resistant, cold resistant, and has high thermal shock copacity of over 750°C (1,292°F). Our products are 100% recyclable ond Completely eco-friendly to the environment.

Ta Hsiang's exclusive R&D process

In China, To Hsiang's exclusive (No.:7L200310120728.X) R&D process, production of the low-expansion lithium aluminosilicate glass-ceramic panels is suitable for induction cookers, electric ceramic heaters, fireplaces, ovens, indoor heaters, heater covers, infrared heaters, and other home appliances. Due to its Superior properties, it has become the optimal home appliance component of choice in many modern countries.

To Hsiang's block and white gloss-ceramic panels can be customized to various specifications through cutting, polishing, milling, chamfering, drilling, printing and other processes.

The surface of the panels is highly polished and contains no impurities. There is no discoloration during use, has great insulation properties, is acidic and alkaline resistance, has infrared light transmission of up to 80%, is impoct resistant, and has a thermal shock copdcity of over 750°C (1,292°F).

Product Fectures

  • Exquisite polished texture
  • Smooth nomporous surfoce Free of impUrities
  • Low magnetic dompening coefficient
  • Exceptional insuloting properties
  • High strength
  • Very solid
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • High temperature resistance
  • Resiston to thermal shock
  • Can withstand temperature differences of 750℃ and over
  • Cold resistant
  • Acidic and alkaline resistant
  • Nonabsorbent to oils
  • Resistant to colour change, deformation, and has a long-lasting product life
  • Easy to clean

Product Application

  • Electric Ceramic Cooktop(Two Zone )

  • Electric Ceramic Cooktop(Three Zone)

  • Household Induction Hob(Single Zone)

  • Household Induction Hob(Two Zone)

  • Commercial Induction Hob(Single Zone)

  • Commercial Induction Hob(Two Zone)

  • Induction Cooktop(Four Zone)

  • Induction Cooktop(Two Zone)

Product Specifications

Density 2.51~2.53 Thermal Shock Resistance 750℃以上
Bending Strength 123mpa Acidic and Alkaline Resistance Loss of mass<=0.2
Impact Strength 0.5J RoHS Standard Conforms
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.5*10^-6 Temperature Resistance 700℃
Mohs Hardness Scale 5-6 Modulus of Elasticity 67GPa