Specializes in manufacturing a variety of glass bottles, we are located at Hsin Pu town, Hsin Chu, it is near Chu Bei cross road of the Chung Shan high way, we have more than 30 years of history until now, we also have brought advanced, hi-tech production technology from Europe, U.S.A. in the very early times, we produce our high quality of glass bottles by IS automatic production machines, computerized controller system, automatic inspection & packing machines.

We not only distribute our products to local well-known manufacturers, for example, in the field of Medicines, Beverages, Wines & Foods industries, but also distribute to overseas markets, U.S.A. Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc.

We think that excellent design of package definitely will make products more outstanding, unique outlook will also make your products more shinning, we have a very high standard of design department, we are able to develop a full range of glass bottles for you mutually, and flexibly, in order for us to meet a variety of packages requirements, we persist that best quality is our first priority, and we always provide our best service to our customers with spirits of sincerity , innovation, and reliability.

Details of all the achievements


Company's Outline:

TA HSIANG Containers Ind. Co., Ltd was established in 1970, our founder is Mr. Tseng Koon sheng, in the beginning, we get started making Ampoules bottles, after that we were devoted ourselves in researching, manufacturing, and marketing glass containers, we ran our business type in a very stable and dependable way, and we also upgraded, created technical skills to reach high quality levels, it made us one of the leading amber color glass containers makers in Taiwan.

At present, the registered capital value is 410 millions N.T. Dollars, factory's land is 39,264 square meters, factory building is 29,480.78 square meters, total employers are 265 persons.

Procedure technique & production capacity:

TA HSIANG now owns two furnaces, in order to take the advantage of leading in production technique, we kept on bringing in latest new generation of IS automatic production machines, peripheral advanced correlated equipment and production technique, in the meantime, we also provided the engineers to Europe, U.S.A. Japan for new specialty training irregularly scheduled. Besides upgrade of technique, for the sake of promoting production efficiency , TA HSIANG aggressively expanded production capacity from original 90 tons per day to 170 tons per day in 1996, on the other hand, we added another production line for flint bottles & green bottles, we anticipate to expand the third furnace at quarter 4 in 2004, and daily production capacity will be increased to 260 tons, and diversiform light weight bottles will be in mass production, so, we will be able to satisfy more customers' requirements, and supply full service to all of our customers.


Domestic : Food & Drink factory .

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology factory .

Export: sale to Canada, U.S.A. Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and other Asia areas .

Renewable resources

Meet green earth world trend, TA HSIANG consecutively promotes the usage of renewable resources, we estimate the usage had reached up to 60%.

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ISO certification

ISO 9001

ISO 22000

FSSC 22000