Ta Hsiang grows step by step over the past long years, the accumulated specialty experience is our unshakable foundation, stable, dependable management will be like strong branch, development, innovation, and advanced facilities that have been imported from Europe, U.S.A. consecutively, it really provides industry the nutrition of development. The available foundations and constant efforts are the best promise for continuation of growth, and strength in the future.          

1953~1970 Shin Shin Glass Co., Ltd. It was the preceding company's name of Ta Hsiang Containers Ind. Co., Ltd. Located at Chung Pu village, produce ampoules bottle.
1970 Formally changed company's name from Shin Shin Glass Co., Ltd. to Ta Hsiang Containers Ind. Co., Ltd. Main product was amber glass bottle, we became one of the local specialty suppliers in manufacturing glass containers .
1974 We moved to present address at Shin Pu town, Hsin Chu, established the first furnace, we specialize in producing amber glass bottle.
1975~1982 Consecutively imported a variety of advanced production facilities & inspection facilities.
1983~1994 Constructed the saved energy type of furnace, upgrade production capacity up to 90 tons per day. Technical cooperation with Europe & U.S.A., latest new equipments & techniques for producing bottles, research & develop much lighter, thinner and clever high quality glass bottles.
1990~1994 Purchased ARG hot vibration machine, AGR static pressure inspection machine from U.S.A. Purchased I.S. Machine Timing Control System from APILOG, France.
1995   Made a planning to build a new furnace, and imported inspection facilities & packing facilities of automatic production from Europe & U.S.A. consecutively. Purchased SGCC general inspection machines, etc.
1999 Planned to expand, constructed the third furnace schedule.
2001 Imported a variety of advanced production techniques constantly, enhanced, R & D much lighter, thinner, and clever high quality glass bottles.
2003 Purchased HEUFT optical automatic inspection machine and HORN hot coating machine from Germany.
2005 Certificate of assessment ( ISO 9001 : 2000) proved by EQAICC。
2006 The 3rd furnace started on January, 2006 .