Crystallized glass architecture The vision of a brand new city

I.M.Pei once mentioned that ‘Architecture is a form of social art.’

And the art starts from here. When a ray of light strikes the surface of a wall; it illuminates the surface like the reflection of elegance in a mirror. This is not simply crystallized glass, this is the remarkable Prediam Stone.

From the organized intricacies of neatly spaced tiles, builds the patterns of a collective community and forming a grand new city of Prediam Stone. Art, born from the smallest of places, creates the vision of a new city.

"Intelligent green building" sets the new trend in modern building architectures, which emphasizes smarter living designs for the indoors and efficient energy saving for the outdoors, that makes Prediam Stone the ideal building material choice. With Over 50 years in glass making experience, Ta Hsiang applies its newly controlled crystallization technique to a patented rolling process to create our exceptional Prediam Stone.

Properties Type Prediam Stone Marble Granite
Density(g/cm3) 2.6~2.7 2.7 2.7
Bending strength(kgf/ cm2) 400~600 170 150
Compressive strength(ton/ cm2) 4.5~6 0.9-2.3 0.6-3.0
Young’s modulus (×105kgf/ cm2) 5.2 2.8-8.4 4.3-6.1
Mohs hardness 5-7 3-5 5.5
Specific heat(cal/gm ℃) 0.19 0.19 0.19
C.O.E (×10-7/ ℃ 30~380℃) 60~90 80-260 50-150
Thermal conductivity(kcal/m hr ℃) 1.4 1.9-2.0 1.8-2.1
Water absorption(%) 0.02 0.30 0.35
Acid resistance(1%H2SO4.%) 0.07 10.3 1.0
Alkali resistance(1%NaOH.%) 0.03 0.03 0.10
Freeze resistance(%) 0.028 0.23 0.25
Radioactivity Accepted by the national architecture stander


  • Elegant luster, burnished brightness
  • The structure of microcrystals is stronger than natural building stone
  • Weather resistance and frost resistance
  • Smooth, Zero pore, low absorption and acidic & alkali resistance
  • Qualified with the national building standard
  • Resistant to contaminations and is easy to clean
  • Meets the demands of hot bending and etching
  • Apply on curtain walls, interior walls, kitchen & bathroom tables

Classic type

Color: White, black, gray, beige Thickness: 8mm/ 12mm./18mm

Customization: All cuts and shapes, polishing, etching, drilling and sandblasting …etc.

Healthy & Environmental The New frontier in green living

Your new world of Prediam Stone

When you decide on a building material, it is simply no longer a choice; now it is your attitude towards life and how you personify these aesthetics. Promote home decoration and interior design with the concept of global sustainability by applying green building materials around your living areas such as your office space, living room, kitchen, and bathroom for a superior quality Of life.

Improves every aspect of your living

Prediam stone Combins the concepts of Environmentalism and green aesthetics. It is produced by a glass melting technique which gives strength, even texture, has zero pores, excludes resin and solvent in its makeup and can be a substitute for granite and marble. The vision of Prediam Stone brings about elegance and brightness in its fabulous design. With traits that are of intricate textures, smoothness, and spotless; Prediam Stone comes coupled with great features that allows for convenient maintenance, and antibacterial and hygienic qualities that is harmless.